LaLoVe's Kitchen, a project researched and developed by Lalo Gomes alias LaLoVe, has been producing culinary, performance, curatorial and collaborative works since 2019. Using culturally promiscuous food-practices, emotionography, drama, and storytelling, LaLoVe's Kitchen creates enigmatic experiencing situations, in which all physical, mental, social and emotional boundaries constantly cross, shift, blur... disappear like smoke. The creative practice of working on cooking continues, and multiplies, embracing what are its areas for action and undoubtedly what are its aims.


"LaLoVe´s Kitchen: Corta Venas Episode (2020)  , photos by Rita Couto


Sequel to Love Kollaps: a Berlin´s Telenovela-Performance (2014), Lalo Gomes launched LaLoVe´s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes (2019), a series of live-cooking performances at Sari-Sari Salon in Berlin-Neükolln, which draws inspiration from the living, loving and fooding ways of his native Latinoamerica. This ran for 4 seasons, 10 episodes, in which with other each multidisciplinary artists and culinary enthusiasts including Pepe Dayaw, Aerea Negrot, Jao Moon, Yaknel Elorza, Emilio Cordero Chueca, Pedra Acosta and Gonzalo Diessler participated.

"LaLoVe´s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes" Various Episode Covers (2019-2020) 

In May-September 2021 LaLoVe´s Kitchen developed a residency at Sari-Sari, becoming the LaLoVe´s Kitchen: House for Food, Arts and Solidarity project-space. Focusing on pan-cultural culinary enrichment, experiential artistic practices, social action and spheres of political transformation, LaLoVe´s Kitchen curated and hosted a compelling program of specific projects and collaborations on site, where a wide array of independent, cross-functional, all-background artists (or cultural agents) and groups - from #Mygration festival, to Taring Padi Yogyakarta Indonesien to Soy Division. Berlin - took part; giving a unique life and identity to the residency, and made it a vibrant, meeting point for local and (inter)national co-creations.

LaLoVe´s Kitchen project-space photo archive (2021)

Supported by Fonds DAKU, LaLoVe´s Kitchen produced "La Gran Drama-Tisch" - a collective ensemble bistro performance parade, taking place in Berlin-Schillerkiez, summer 2021. This +8 hours program involved outdoors and indoors cooking and performative actions created, produced and staged in collaboration with Soy Division, Nowhere Kitchen and lots of local, enthusiastic actors.

LaLoVe´s Kitchen: La Gran Drama-Tisch photos by Dico Baskoro & Agostina Cerdán (2021)


Photo by: @dicobaskoro

Venezuelan-born German artist, dramaturg and cook Lalo Gomes is the founder-director of LaLoVe's Kitchen. He, in turn, is LaLoVe: the very personae of the project.

Dipl. in Dramatic Arts, BSc. in both Linguistics and Mass Communication, and MA in Performance Research Practices and Visual Culture.

His productions are experimental, revealing and multi-layered. They engage performative theatre, transdisciplinary dramaturgy, research-creation, community arts and curatorial practices.


In LaLoVe´s Kitchen, Gomes makes culinary art as a performance experienceable. He operates with food recipes as dramaturgical "strategies, mediums, site and scenes". In doing so, the artist stages the cooking of a drama.