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With artists and non-artists as cooks, LaLoVe's Kitchen is a Berlin-based, international and independent project incorporating cooking, performance, research and event series. It was conceived in 2019 by Lalo Gomes, as a continuation of his previous performance series Love Kollaps (Berlin, 2014).

A  broad melange of pan-cultural culinary practices and experiential artistic formats. In all LaLoVe's Kitchen activities, the boundaries between formal and informal, concept and action, improvisation and structure, mental and emotional, language and identity, individual and communal constantly cross, shift, blur... disappear like smoke.


"LaLoVe´s Kitchen: Corta Venas Episode (2020)  , photos by Rita Couto


Following up his current work drawing inspiration from the living, loving and fooding ways of his native Venezuela, Lalo Gomes began the event series LaLoVe´s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes at Sari-Sari Salon in Berlin-Neukölln, 2019.  

​The scope and content of the series expanded significantly. No longer merely a cooking show, but an interdisciplinary practical philosophy; an experience of socio-cultural phenomena including public participation and co-creation; an ectasy exploration of love, hunger and fear and what´s cookery, culture and art have to do with it.

"LaLoVe´s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes" Various Episode Covers (2019-2020) 


Further to its first series in 2019, the project produced two more series of four-five events each throughout 2020-2021 in Sari-Sari. 2021  was a big year for LaLoVe´s Kitchen. Supported by Fonds DAKU, it ran a House for Food, Arts & Solidarity project-space residency for three moths in Sari-Sari, where conducted the "Cooking A Drama" research, and led the collective cooking performance parade "La Gran Drama-Tisch", taking place on the Schillerkiez streets, in collaboration with Nowhere Kitchen and Soy Division.


In 2022, LaLoVe´s Kitchen looks forward to upscaled activities. It was called upon to participate in Souls For Labor - a market by Arts of the Working Class, co-curated by Foodculture days. Also scheduled is a new event series happening in multiple outdoor, indoor and private spaces around Berlin.

LaLoVe´s Kitchen: La Gran Drama-Tisch (2021)


Pepe Dayaw (Phillipines), Aerea Negrot (Venezuela), Jao Moon (Colombia), Yaknel Elorza (Venezuela), Emilio Cordero Chueca (Ecuador), Pedra Acosta (Brasil), Gonzalo Diessler (Argentina), Cristina Herrera Gallardo (Mexico), Sarah Phillipa Greenspan (Canada), Ariel W. Orah (Indonesia), Bilawa Respati (Indonesia), Sangeetha Lerner (India), JM Tiempo (Peru), Rita Cuoto (Portugal), Sol Okarina (Colombia).